DJI's Phantom Quadcopter

This is a “ready to fly quadcopter”. By this we mean you do not have to build it yourself from a kit or various component sources. Just put together the included parts charge the batteries and you can then be flying. If you are not familiar with the remote control industry this really does mean ready to fly. You do not have to select the components and solder and build a functioning quadcopter. The box has everything you need to get up and flying quickly and easily.

If you have a lot of video gaming experience or used a simulator there may be no real learning curve. If you do not have experience some time with a simulator will help cut down on the time it takes to fly well, avoid too many crashes and enjoy it more. With some of the GPS features it is not hard to fly and the phantom will return to the place it was launched from if you lose control or turn off the radio controller and then land its self. Try it you will be impressed. Visit the rest of the site for more information on this product.

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