Course Lock On

homelock on400px
The IOC switch is in the middle position which means course lock is on

course lock switch onFlight characteristics with intelligent orientation control turned off. In this mode all radio control inputs from the pilot are interpreted by the phantom, relative to its current heading in space as read by the compass and GPS.  In a flight when the phantom is rotated on its axis (yaw) 90 degrees to flying forward the controls seem to change.  Pushing the control for forward flight will make the phantom go at 90 degrees to the pilot since the phantom is facing that way. So for a new pilot this can cause confusion when flying in this mode since the controls seem to change.  If the phantom is rotated 180 degrees then forward will be backwards and backwards will be forward.  When flying and this happens and you get an unexpected flight it can cause concern and too much steering action making it worse.  One solution switch to home lock and it will steer relative to the pilot. 

  • Wednesday, 24 April 2013

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